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Architecture Matassoni / House N it has been modified: 2012-08-08 di Benedetto Fiori

HOUSE N, draft monofamilare residential building, currently under construction in the hills of Arezzo. The house is built around a patio separated from residential areas surrounding walls transparent partially open, which allow visual perception as an extension of the interior spaces.

With this type of planimetric introverted, classically inspired (peristilium), the house can make use of spaces of great breath while ensuring the right level of privacy.

From the outside in fact, the composition is much less permeable to the eye and is characterized by the large septum folded and covered in metal that protects the patio assuming the appearance of a residue of "shell" enveloping; it is a higher order structure that also serves as an ordering element with respect to the complex external volumes.

Acting on the paths, walls insulated, flues, on materials, plant parts and structured on all elements separators and organizers of the flows of movement, has been working on the consistency and the mass of the built, "blending it" to degrade in the courtyard to obtain an architecture able to integrate effectively with it.

Project: Architecture Matassoni

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