In Paris, a shared urban courtyard covered in gold by Metek Achitecture

In Paris, a shared urban courtyard lined with gold
In Paris, a shared urban courtyard covered in gold by Metek Achitecture it has been modified: 2021-06-16 di Benedict Flowers

Metek Architects designed a building with a shared urban courtyard coated with gold in the 19th arrondissement of Paris; a mixed housing complex because it houses 13 apartments and 7 artistic studios. The style of the building wants to be a mixture of old and new so as not to clash with historic buildings and at the same time have a contemporary character thanks to the gold-colored coating.


The building was designed to be discreet and not immediately attracting attention unless you enter the small road that leads to the building itself. As soon as you arrive in front of the building you can see it a large courtyard, designed to allow residents to socialize and to allow plenty of natural light in. The pedestrian courtyard is paved to recall the classic Paris villas and then you notice the change of material to indicate the beginning of the ground floor with wooden beams.


Sheets in copper and aluminum alloy

The roofs of the building formally adapt to those of the surrounding houses and have been used to recall a contemporary style copper alloy plates ed aluminum with the characteristic gold color which continue throughout the roof and on the facades overlooking the courtyard.
The main facade has remained as it originally was, while the one overlooking the urban courtyard has been enriched with balconies that allow residents to entertain each other. The sheets are welded together and finished in a workmanlike manner so as not to show the welded junction points.


The building is also characterized by the different geometric shapes; entering the building in the center you can admire a large staircase that leads to the various floors and still admire the exposed beams. Going up the external staircase on each floor there is a large space that serves as a terrace with a wooden floor. The mix of materials is a peculiarity of this building that makes it a work of art.

Metek encourages socialization

Metek's architecture has thought of everyone's needs, adults and children, so that both parents and children can socialize with neighbors who live in other real estate units or with neighboring neighbors.


You can visit the building if you travel to Paris, at 168 rue de crimée.

Project info

Location: 168 rue de Crimée - Paris 19e
Architects: METEK Sarah Bitter with Christophe Demantké
Structures: BATISERF
Client: Praise-Siemp
Contractor: Tempère Construction
Conclusion: June 2017

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