Le scale are architectural elements such as focal and attract the eye, in this case that of the German photographer Nils Eisfeld.

Born in 1982 in Halle Saale and raised in Dresden, his goal is to capture the beauty and harmony of the objects. More properly unusual shapes, geometries architectural and graphic images.

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"Super Flamish" is the series of portraits where the French photographer Sacha Goldberg captures modern superheroes as in Flemish paintings.

The icons of American culture from Superman to Wolverine are located within the atmosphere low light typical of Flemish paintings. The models chosen eerily resemble the interpreters of the film, dressed in costumes finely crafted reworked according to the characteristics of the clothing of 17 century.

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Fashion, design and photography are increasingly seen as a whole, a discipline composite made of unique style, personality and glamor: areas that are contaminated in positive and take energy from one another.

From this assumption is the new creative campaign of the international brand of luxury lingerie Wolford: Shots of the famous photographer Mario Testino will face and soul to new products.

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Martín De Pasquale photography Social Design Magazine-01

Photographer and digital artistMartín De Pasquale capture images of everyday life and turns them into works of art surreal.

The Argentine artist uses a technique in layers in Photoshop to combine a sequence of photographs and create stunning visual masterpieces. Below other pictures.

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shows made in italy grottaglie Social Design Magazine-04

意大利 制造 or 'Made in Italy' written in Chinese: a world of people, a universecultural complex and difficult to understand

on display in Grottaglie, in the provinceTaranto, from the 2 13 August. A visual document on the reality of the Chinese communityin Italy and a story, through reproductions in ceramics and photographs, objectsand subjects apparently identical to the final user, that is the buyer, which is notincluding a culture different from his first appears confused and thenconvinced that it is all the same.

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The German photographer Lucas Zimmermann took advantage of the fog fell in the area of ​​Weimar in Germany capture light traffic lights, Which in these photos calls "Traffic Lights" look great colored bands.

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01 Nathalie Daoust China Dolls

Under PHOTOGRAPHY - International Festival of Rome, ILEX presents the new work of the Canadian Nathalie Daoust, China Dolls.
The twelfth edition of PHOTOGRAPHY explores the theme of Vacatio, Or of suspension and absence, Through research in the different languages ​​of contemporary photography.

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federico annicchiarico Power Set

Intime OFFTIME, the first exhibition of Frederick Annicchiarico.Fifteen shots that explore the intimate relationship between subject and object, between man and space, cultured discreet eye of the photographic medium.

Cognitive images, photographs as personal documents of the soul, the essence of the intimate in a time defined by the click. Such is the first exhibition of Federico Annicchiarico by Title Intime Offitime, 15 shots between Brussels, Rome, Genoa, Alberobello, Brindisi investigating the intimate relationship between subject and object, between man and space, cultured discreet eye of the photographic medium.

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421LOCANDINA scuderi

"Photography for me is a fire burning inside, able to keep me awake at night, do not make me feel fatigue when I carry tripods and lights on the top of a mountain, and to keep me in a state of perpetual" activation "mental and emotional.

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Noell S Oszvald 07

Literally leave you breathless pictures of the Hungarian photographer Noell S. Oszvald, You could stand to look at them for hours.

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