Dune tray - x 55 38 cm Chrome design Mario Bellini for Kartell


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Precious Kartell Kartell ... The great classics are renewed and illuminate new exclusive metallic finishes and brilliant: chrome or copper-plated. The plastic becomes noble and sophisticated for a look of luxury and glamor. The result of several years of research, the best-selling Kartell follow a metallization process developed by Kartell same, very cutting-edge and high quality: the result is impeccable from the aesthetic point of view, to the touch and level of robustness lacquers utilizzate.Il famous Italian architect and designer Mario Bellini has designed a spectacular visual effect tray ... The sculpted plastic inside is crossed by countless ripples that give the impression of relief, while the surface is perfectly smooth. A magical optical illusion, a unique three-dimensional effect! Animated by movements, the plastic takes on a completely new and gives rise to an incredible game of transparency and color. Watching this tray, myriad images pass before our eyes, a river, a river of lava, the flame of a fire, the wind blowing through the grass ... Animated images of the caprices of wind and light as the waves of the sea , the dunes of the desert, the shimmering reflections of silk ...

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