Coffee table 55 / 90 55 cm x - Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier Light gray 31 Design Jean Pauchard for Tolix


The family "55" zooms with this coffee table that maintains the characteristics of the collection: the conical tapered legs and give lightness and subtlety to the form.

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When a big name architecture meets one of the French industrial furnishing jewels ... The Tolix collection features new colors designer Le Corbusier. Architect of the twentieth century avant-garde, Le Corbusier is remembered for his emblematic buildings and the use of color art. In his view, each of us is attracted to a specific color that reflects their personality. In this regard it has developed a palette of colors 63, used among other things for the cité radieuse Rezé (Nantes). icon industrial aesthetics from 1955, the coffee table "55" Tolix has crossed the ages and style to become a classic written in the collective memory, a "living heritage" that illustrates the art of French living. Incarnation of the modern style of the years 30-50, this steel table presents great solidity and lightness at the same time. The tapered and tapered legs give a touch of lightness and finesse to the silhouette. Collection Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier - For internal - Production 100% French

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