Shade umbrella 320 400 cm x Auction Side White design Christophe Pillet for Emu


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The perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics! The result of an exceptional technological research, Shade presents mechanical systems designed to facilitate the usage. To open and close lombrellone just turn a crank. To best protect themselves from the sun, Shade plays the card of mobility: the canvas can be oriented in different positions 3 360 ° and rotated around the pole to adapt to the position of the sun. The large dimensions offer a wide shadow area and the pole decentralized allows to obtain a minimum footprint. Thanks to high quality materials and precious finishes, Emu presents an umbrella beautiful, durable and long-lived. The acrylic canvas is waterproof, resistant to UV and mildew. The structure and the pole in anodized aluminum are strong and light at the same time. The white steel base is included in the price. Shade is provided with eight bricks 25 kg to be placed inside the base for zavorrarlo. Example of sobriety, the umbrella Shade integrates with elegance and discretion in the exteriors modern or classic. Finds its place both in private spaces than in public places! Protective cover sold separately. Auction side - waterproof canvas with anti-UV and anti-mold - opening / closing crank - Tela tilt: 3 inclinations possible - The pole can rotate on itself of 360 ° to allow the umbrella to rotate around the foot - White base included - 8 weights from 25kg to ballast the base (not visible, are inserted inside the base)

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