Chandelier Rock Dark Brown Diesel with Foscarini


Like a volcanic rock that broke, revealing the presence of a jewel inside, lamp Rock plays the element of surprise and contrasts. Wrinkled and dark outside. Bright, smooth and pearly inside.


The famous Italian brand of ready-to-wear Diesel "has now won our internal ... Successful Living is the first collection in lighting signed in collaboration with Foscarini Diesel: a union at the highest level! This collection combines the great creativity of the Diesel Creative Team with the production quality branded Foscarini.Un universe rock, industrial and vintage for a casual style and unconventional! The collection plays with fashion trends and perfectly reflects the spirit of Diesel: one underground style, ironic and creativo.Come a volcanic rock that when it breaks apart reveals a jewel within, Rock is an interplay of surprises and contrasti.Ruvida all'esterno.Lucida and dark, smooth, pearly all'interno.Misteriosa and rigorous outside, brilliant and iridescent its dentro.Le asymmetric facets seem the result of a binding pallets: a form fascinating and scultorea.Rock is the result of a considerable work on the matter and an elaboration of the forms with an expressive force sorprendente.I light rays are reflected on the inner surface as in a crystal , with a surprising and unforgettable effect. "Printing the logo Diesel - Fluorescent Bulb Globe 20WE27 (not supplied)

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