Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home it has been modified: 2012 June 05 di Benedict Flowers

During the Salone del Mobile 2012 was presented to the public the project "HOME SWEET HOME"At the event"NIL28 streets"Sunday 22 April.
HOME SWEET HOME is a project that wants to give new life to all those objects that are normally abandoned and piled on the sidewalk waiting to be disposed of.

A project that is part of Nil28 Milan (Piazzale Lodi area - Viale Molise) and serving a new practice of disposal and re-design bulky waste investigating new functions and new possibilities.

At the event "Nil28 streets" held at via Einstein (Milan) project was presented to the public as a home environment designed at no cost with materials recovered "from the road", connected to the space in which a FAB.LAB the public was invited to interact going to create new items to add to the space given.





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