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Show bla bla Milano Makers, Steam Factory - Fuorisalone 2013

Show bla bla Milano Makers, Steam Factory - Fuorisalone 2013 it has been modified: 2017 June 04 di jessica zannori

Inside the Cathedral of Willpower Milan Makers presents the exhibition bla bla edited by Alessandro MendiniWith preparation of Duilio Forte, Coordination Cesare Castelli, in co-production with the Culture Department of Fashion Design and the City of Milan and with the sponsorship of the Foundation Cologni for arts and crafts. 2 composed sections, the exhibition aims to promote and enhance the production of non-serial and autonomous part of the design.

Bla Bla is a Virtual Thread installation video and play it on a big screen, projected in loop, collecting many self-statements theory of international designers. Under Bla Bla Examples will be presented a series of small exhibitions on topics that are of interest to the definition of the problems in place.

  • "Hand and terracotta", edited by Maria Christina Hamel
  • "Terra raw", edited by Mina Bardiani and Claudia Mendini
  • "Duet", edited by Anna Gili
  • "ArkiZoic Bellum", curated by Duilio Forte
  • "Recession Design", edited by Recession Design
  • "Materiaprima", curated by Alessandro Marelli
  • "Natural Design Exhibition", curated by Maurizio Corrado
  • "New Resins", edited by Carmine Deganello with FabLab Amsterdam
  • "MMM Milan Music Makers", curated by Caroline Heel

Ulaola, the first online boutique of Italian self-produced, will structure and manage the e-shop in Milan Makers where you can view and purchase the works in the exhibition identified by a QR Code. identify the participants in the exhibition contest winner Swart.

The square of FdV host the work of Duilio Forte Sleipnir Ciclofono: An installation in wood 15 meters high that will dialogue with the setting Bla Bla and sustainability issues.

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