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Aliantedizioni presents Elidi, door-fruit flowers!

At the next Salone del Mobile, presenting the Aliantedizioni Elidi, a series of hollow containers, such as giant translucent water lilies.

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Fungus Borealis, design Alessandro Loschiavo and Marco Paiani

Aliantedizioni presents Fungus Borealis, a series of tables designed by Alessandro Loschiavo and Marco Paiani, inspired all'Armillaria Borealis.

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CleanRome, an awareness campaign

In the jubilee year Aliantedizioni presents CleanRome, an awareness campaign non-profit organization dedicated to the city of Rome and reaching out to citizens, visitors and pilgrims from all over the world because they know how to retrieve a fundamental civic duty and awareness to live, or simply to cross, the most spectacular concentration of this art masterpieces in one city *.

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